hearing protection

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Hearing Protection for the Woodshop

Why Hearing Protection is Important My first job out of college was framing houses. The contractor I worked for was ‘old school.’ Protective gear like gloves, earplugs or safety glasses were generally viewed as signs of weakness. For a long time I tried to be a tough guy. After an afternoon of air-nailing fire blocking…

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We Love Our Music

Wow! In answer to my question about music on or music off, turns out you love your music in the shop. Here’s what readers had to say: Bruce H. As for the music in my shop, yup, 99% of the time. And it is always the same radio station, modified bluegrass. Bob S. Classical for layout,…

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SensGard’s Zem Hearing Protectors

  Scientific Hearing Protection – Noise Canceling Technology Without the Batteries. Industrialization brought loud noises into a relatively quiet world. The first hearing protection was right at hand: fingers or hands were employed to either plug or cover the ears. These early devices worked OK, but made it hard to work while they were being…

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