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Why are There 3 Titebonds?

“Nice article about 4 glues. But why are there three “Titebonds”? When do you use “Titebond II”? Aside from costs, is there ever an advantage of “Titebond” over “Titebond III” or “Titebond II”? Or can I simply use “Titebond III” for all my furniture projects?” WWGOA Editor Response: Titebond II is Type II water resistant.…

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Get Glue in Tight Spots

My woodworking business includes a fair amount of repair work. Often, I’m confronted with how to force glue into a hairline crack or a bit of loose veneer. I’ve tried using old business cards but that’s like spreading glue with a wet noodle. I finally found the answer in metal shim stock I use to…

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