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Ask WWGOA: Fixing Nail Blowouts

Question: I’m sure that this never happened to you, but… I was nailing on a face frame (I know, I didn’t want to use nails but the angles of this cabinet made it nearly impossible to get good gluing pressure) and a few of the brads blew out the side of the cabinet (see photo).…

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FastCap’s Accent Caps

The look of a pinned mortise and tenon joint is classic. FastCap has provided a new way to achieve this time tested look. Their Artisan Accent caps look like an ebony pin that you’ve carefully tapped into place, cut, and sanded, but are significantly easier to use. Start by tapping a recess using a 5/16″…

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FastCap’s Folding Chisels and More

Back in my construction days, I struggled keeping a sharp chisel in my apron. First, it was an abusive environment that quickly dulled the chisel. Second, when the chisel was nice and sharp, the cutting tip quickly worked its way through my leather apron, leaving big holes behind. FastCap’s new Pocket Chisels solve this problem.…

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