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Get That Chisel Sharp!

Anybody who shaves knows that a dull cutting tool is more likely to do damage than a sharp one. Same goes for woodworking chisels. You’ve got to get those chisels sharp if you want to them to work well, and be safe to use. It might surprise you to learn that brand new chisels aren’t…

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Stanley Sweetheart Chisels

Woodworkers who know hand tools know the name Sweetheart when it comes to chisels. Stanley has introduced, or re-introduced, the Sweetheart line. The new chisels are based on the 750 design, and made from high carbon steel. According to Stanley the chisels will sharpen easily and hold an edge for a very long time. The…

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Setting Up a Mortiser

I remember, distinctly, the first time I used my mortiser. It was SO cool to be able to punch a square hole into a piece of wood, I had to run into the house and drag my wife back out to the shop to see it. OK, making a square hole wasn’t so hard, but…

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