Steel City 6″ Jointer


Rock Solid 6″ Jointer.

Here’s a tool you can take for granite, ’cause it is granite. The new 6″ Steel City Jointer(#40640), $1,200, has both a granite fence and a granite bed. Additionally, it comes with a spiral cutter head that sports four-sided carbide cutters. This type of cutter offers the benefit that if one side gets nicked, you can simply turn the insert and use a different edge.


Granite fence and granite bed won’t warp. The spiral cutter head features four-sided carbine cutters.

According to the folks at Steel City the granite components “are machined perfectly flat and will not warp. They are not affected by heat, cold or humidity and will not rust like traditional cast iron jointer beds.” Steel City has a history of using granite on their stationary tools.The beds are extra-long, with a 36″ long table on the infeed side and 30″ on the outfeed side.The machine has a 1-1/2-hp motor that will run on 115 or 230 volts.

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Steel City

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    • Josh

      I have a Steel City 6″ Deluxe Jointer (Model #40615). The only difference between this posted jointer and the one I have for sale, is the granite fence and bed. Give me a call if you’re interested… (224-610-6902)