In the Shop: Turned Walnut Plates

Every once in a while we like to check in on the WWGOA editors to see what they’re up to in the shop. Here’s your chance to get to know the faces and personalities behind WWGOA and take a peek into their own worlds.

I just finished a nice turning commission. It’s a set of walnut collection plates for a church in western North Dakota. I was able to use a branch stub sliced from the trunk of a giant walnut I purchased years ago. The rough slice and resulting plates are pictured here.

I really get a kick out of using discard wood like this.

Walnut branch stub.

Blank was cut on a bandsaw and drilled for a face plate mount.

Outside of the bowl is taking shape.

Here’s the back all finished and ready to be parted off the lathe.

Here is a view from the front. Note the figure; a common find in stressed wood such as branch stubs.

Now time to pack up both plates and ship them off to North Dakota!

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