Project 2 Wine Bottle Holder

For week 2 of the WWGOA Woodworking Challenge, we’re going to have a lesson in physics. (Or magic, depending on how you look at it!) This mystifying balancing wine bottle holder is a really fun project and can be made fairly quickly, though you may have some trial and error to get the angles right. Originally designed by Paul Mayer, the project also invites room for creativity and customization.

Check out the video below for some tips from Mike Rapp of Mad Raven Woodworks and to see his take on this week’s project, and then click the button to get the templates and instructions to make your own balancing wine bottle holder. Once you’ve completed your project, make sure to share a photo with us in the Challenge Facebook Group!

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  1. David Parfitt
    David Parfitt

    I have been posting to the site with my projects but have been told that the post are unable to be seen. Can you check to see if I am getting thru, and if not do you have any suggestions on how I fix it.