Preventing Freezables from Freezing in a Cold Shop

“Do you have any suggestions about how to keep the water bath for my water stones from freezing in my shop during cold nights? I heat the shop only when I am working, so it gets below freezing some nights. I have brought the stones indoors for now, but this is very inconvenient.

I have thought about adding some alcohol to the water, but I’m not sure how this will affect the stones. They are King Ice Bear stones (Japanese).”

Submitted by: Scott Bigler

WWGOA Editor Response:

Instead of adding alcohol, or even antifreeze to the water, try making a small heat cabinet in your shop. This can be done by putting an incandescent light bulb in a cabinet. You’ll be surprised how much affect this can have. (I used to hang a light bulb under the hood of a 1972 Ford Fairlane to help it start in the winter.) Start with a low wattage and make certain the bulb isn’t touching anything. You’ll have to experiment to determine how many watts you need for the space you’re keeping warm. A friend of mine uses a 60-watt bulb in an old refrigerator to keep his finishes warm.

Thank you for your question.

George Vondriska

Managing Editor

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