What to Know About Powermatic’s New Lathe

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Powermatic has rolled out their PM2014 Wood Lathe ($1999.99). It’ll handle 20” between centers and has a 14” swing over the bed. Add a bed extension ($249.99), and you can increase spindle length to 43”, plus do larger outboard turnings. The PM2014 weighs 185 pounds by itself, 238 pounds when mounted to the stand.


You can plug the PM2014 into a 115V outlet, and it converts that to 230V three phase power for the machine. It’s equipped with a 1 hp motor and has three speed ranges; 15-900 RPM, 30-1800 RPM and 60-3600 RPM.

The Stand

A stand is available for this machine that is height adjustable, allowing you to set the floor to centerline height from 34” to 46”. The price for the machine and stand is $2399.99.


When you’re ready to put the lathe to work you’ll get lots of inspiration from our extensive collection of woodturning videos.

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5 Responses to “What to Know About Powermatic’s New Lathe”

  1. Jay

    This is way over-priced for a midi-lathe. The Jet 1440 is $1700+ and is frequently on sale for 10-15% off. It’s length is adequate for anything you are likely to turn except for maybe 7′ tall, canopy, bedposts (which are safer to turn in 2 sections, anyway). The adjustable height of this Powermatic is nice, but the shear weight of the lathe will make raising it or lowering it without a shop crane very difficult. Being “vertically challenged” myself, my Jet lathe is too high for me, so I made a long step stool/bench to stand on when using it – problem solved! It’s functionally better to use a lathe on a workbench where you then will have access to your turning knives, ruler, caliper, sandpaper and light source. There is absolutely no need for a DRO. Whether the lathe speed is 1200 or 1250 RPM makes no significant difference. If the speed is too fast, you just slow it down, etc.

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