No-Mess Saw Blade Cleaning

New Products at AWFS 2013 Recently, I decided it was time to clean my saw blades to remove a bunch of built-up gunk. I laid the blades on newspaper to suck up the extra cleaning solution and I cleaned a few. I looked down at a huge mess I had just made and I said to myself, “There has to be a better way.”

Boom… it hits me to clean the blades in the lid of a 5 gallon drywall pail! It worked great, mess free, and saved on the cleaning solution, too. I used CMT’s Formula 2050 Blade & Bit Cleaner and a stiff plastic bristle brush to do the cleaning.

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7 Responses to “No-Mess Saw Blade Cleaning”

  1. William Mcgeehan

    I use Totally Awesome concentrate to clean blades. It costs $1 at the Dollar Store and is … totally awesome!

  2. stevena

    George I have a 13″ DW735w planer and want to know what is used to clean the rollers and mechanical parts.

    • WWGOA Team

      Denatured alcohol is a good mild solvent that can be used to clean planer rollers. Be sure the planer is unplugged. While you are in there, I’d also suggest applying a coating of paste wax or a dry tool lubricant such as Bostik GlideCote to the planer bed to reduce friction as material passes through the planer. Be sure to avoid lubricating with any product that has silicone as an ingredient, as that can migrate into your project and cause finish adhesion problems.

      • Jim

        Be careful using alcohol on the rubber rollers, as it will eventually dry them out, and they won’t grip the wood. There is a product we used in the maintenance of our laser and dot matrix printer platens, called Rubber Renew. It was a better choice generally…jmp

      • Brian McLoughlin

        I have found oven cleaner works really well and is cheaper than proprietary products.