New Product: Next Wave Moray Ready2Laser Desktop Laser System

Let’s have a look at Next Wave’s Moray laser ($1599.99). This is a desktop system with a 7-watt solid state laser diode. It comes with Ready2Design software that will help you quickly get up and running.


If you want to place your work inside the laser you have a 12” x 20” burn area. If you want to do laser work on a larger surface, like a tabletop, no problem. The bottom can be easily removed from the laser and the unit placed on any surface you want to do laser work on. This is a great feature, adding to the usefulness of this machine.


The Moray includes software that lets you easily design laser work from just about any image. You can also get a post processor for Vectric software that allows you to design within that software, and then send the design to the Moray.


The Moray will easily burn your logo or images into hardwoods and softwoods. You can also burn through lighter materials like balsa, basswood, leather and cloth, cutting them to size and shape. Controlling the output and travel rate of the laser to get the best result is easy to do.


Moray Ready2Laser Desktop Laser System


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    • Customer Service

      Hi James,

      No, this works on flat surfaces only. You can contact the manufacturer to see if they offer a rotary device, and if they support any third party rotary devices with this unit. A rotary device would allow you to engrave on a cylinder.