New Grizzly Jointer

Reviewing the G0706 Jointer from Grizzly With a 12″ cutterhead, Grizzly’s newest jointer provides plenty of width, without taking up an aircraft carrier’s worth of length in your shop. The bed is a convenient 60″ long.Wide jointers are a real benefit when it comes to face jointing wood, which is the best way to guarantee that the material you’re using is dead flat. Unfortunately as jointers get wider, they also tend to get longer, making them a big consumer of space, not great for a smaller workshop.

The new G0706 also provides a spiral, carbide toothed cutterhead. You’ll never change knives on this jointer, you’ll just drop in a new indexed carbide cutter. The head is made up of 60 of these cutters.The cutters are driven by a 3-hp 220-volt motor. The beds are parallelogram-style, with hand wheels controlling both beds. The fence includes stops at 45, 90, and 135-degrees.

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One Response to “New Grizzly Jointer”

  1. Richard

    Very nice if you can afford $3500 to $5000. A little out of reach for the hobbyist.