In the Shop: Catchin’ Up on Stools


I teach a lot of woodworking classes at the Nature Center in our community. Mostly the classes involve pre-cut kits from my shop. Students range in age from about 8 to 80. At the end of each class I generally have 2 or 3 “spare” kits left over. They tend to accumulate and go unassembled for several months. At some point I take a few days or a week to catch things up. This week I’m assembling extra stool kits based on George’s video, How to Build a Stylish Stool.

What are you working on this week?

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6 Responses to “In the Shop: Catchin’ Up on Stools”

  1. bill

    interesting topic. i was in a shop a year or so back purchasing a pc of equipment from them and they had a hand made custom stool seat shaping template and router system that was very interesting.

  2. jim adams

    working on building a stand for my wife’s turtles. she want a tank that is 2′ by 4′. to give them room to run around LOL.

  3. Gerald Price

    I’m in the design stage of creating a full size router table using ideas from several different resources. Since my shop is small, everything must be on casters so it can be moved to have access room.