Grizzly Sliding Table Saw – Amazing Price

Reviewing the Grizzly G0700 Table SawGrizzly has again done something that they’re great at making what looks like an amazing tool at what I know is an amazing price. Their new G0700 table saw, $2,795, is a 10″ sliding table saw with a 5 hp motor and built in scoring blade. And, unlike some sliding saws, this saw will accept a dado head, up to 13/16″ side. That’s a long list of features for the dough.On a sliding saw the portion of the table to the left of the saw blade is an integral cross cut table, instead of a fixed wing. Sliders are very convenient for accurately doing large crosscuts. While this machine doesn’t have the capacity to cut full sheets (maximum crosscut is 34″) it has ample room to allow you to cut across pieces and doors. The scoring blade sits just a tiny bit above the table, slightly in front of the main blade, scoring sheet goods before the main blade cuts through, reducing chipping and tearing. Rip capacity to the right of the blade is 34″.

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