Getting Started with Woodworking

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Dust Collection

Shop Layout

Shop Storage

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15 Responses to “Getting Started with Woodworking”

  1. Monte Bowen Reeder

    I am excited to see what all this site has to offer. I love building all kinds of things. I finished building my grandchildren a tree house and built my wife her covered deck so looking to get into another project lol

  2. Steve

    I appreciate the layout recommendations for tool triangles and the storage. I notice you stick your stored lumber. I have not done that, although I do my cut to size pieces. Does it make a difference at the “raw” stage?

    • Customer Service

      It helps to maintain equilibrium through seasonal changes so the lumber is always ready to use. It’s not critical however.

  3. James Brodd

    This is a must read for beginners to advanced woodworkers. Thanks for the great info!