General’s Mini-Lathe Duplicator

Reviewing the General Mini-Lathe DuplicatorIf you’re concerned that your turning skills may not be adequate to make perfect duplicate spindles, General International has your problem solved. Their new Mini-Lathe Duplicator, $200, is specifically designed to easily fasten to most mini-lathes with cast bedways, and allow you to make duplicate spindles from either an existing turning, or from a pattern.Like a key cutter, a stylus traces a part mounted on the duplicator in front of the lathe, while a high-speed steel cutter machines the spindle between centers. The hand wheel is connected to a chain drive, which moves the cutter left to right. The lever controls the entry of the stylus and cutter into the pattern and spindle blank. Maximum spindle length for this duplicator is 19-7/8″.

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2 Responses to “General’s Mini-Lathe Duplicator”
  1. John Cassidy
    John Cassidy

    I have A NOVA 1624-44, WILL THIS ATTACH TO THE BED? There is a 2″ gap on the bed. I have read that the vega midi duplicator won’t work because of this and also it won’t adjust to the height required.