Gecko’s Toes for Air Hose Holder

Using Geckos Toes to Keep Your Hose OrganizedKeeping an air hose neatly stored in the shop can be a problem. It’s not uncommon for it to end up in a rat’s nest on the floor and you’ve got to unravel it each time you need to use it. If you want to get better organized, add Gecko’s Toes to your shop. This simple device does a nice job of helping you keep your air hose neatly organized.Gecko’s Toes are easy to use. Just snap the hose on to each finger, coiling as you go. It’s not as convenient as a hose reel, but at $12 you can’t beat the price. When you need to use the air line at the other side of the shop, just grab the hose and walk. It’ll snap free of the Toes. You’ll need to let it spin in your hand as you go to prevent it from twisting.

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Using Geckos Toes to Keep Your Hose OrganizedThree sizes of Gecko Toes are available, one for air line, one for electrical cords, and one for garden hose. The garden hose Toes are slightly more expensive at $15. According to the manufacturer, the air line Toes will hold 75-ft. of air hose, the electrical Toes grab 125-ft. of extension cord, and the garden hose Toes will hold 100-ft.

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