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Wine Glass Caddy
Candle Holder
Coffee Filter Holder

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  1. Sudheer Grover
    Sudheer Grover

    I would love to learn how to make all the beautiful items displayed on this and more.

  2. Gary Drown
    Gary Drown

    Why not do what I do and make wooden toys? I reach out to woodworkers for their scrap and make toys to donate to the local hospitals and to special education classes. I also donate the scrap to an art teacher so the kids can make sculptures. It is amazing what the kids come up with, from airplanes to animals to something resembling Picasso works.

  3. MARK

    I have a Walnut picture frame I made from a frame I scraped how do I get a picture of it to you. THANKS MARK COPELAND WWGOA MEMBER