From Scraps to Projects

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Wine Glass Caddy
Candle Holder
Coffee Filter Holder

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79 Responses to “From Scraps to Projects”

  1. Ginger Davis

    Thank you for giving these projects free. I don’t have a lot of extra money so these help me have something to do.

    • Customer Service

      Hello LeRoy,
      You can locate the Downloads by clicking on the project and scrolling down to the description.

  2. Ann Nowlin

    I haven’t done any woodworking in a long time, but I am hoping to be well enough to try some (at least one) of your projects soon. Daddy was a master craftsman when it came to wood, building cabinets, furniture, toys, you name it. It’s in my blood but not nearly so much in my mind. I can make simple things without a pattern due to my Daddy and my added love of geometry (although most forgotten). So, thank you for the info and possibility of fun projects.

  3. Rick Line

    Wood scraps are the Holy Grail of this woodworker!

    Rick, Scottish Environmentalist!

  4. Gil Pelletier

    Just started woodworking. And like any 80 yr old, I find it very helpful way to keep my mind busy. Love small items.

  5. Michael Mallen

    Can’t wait to get started. Love the projects, they will make great gifts for some very special people.

  6. Mark

    I have so many off cuts and scraps I despair but I just cant bring myself to chuck nice timber in the fire

  7. William Wondra

    I love “scrap” projects like these on chilly mornings with hot coffee. They relax me. While doing them, ideas always pop into mind about more entailed projects. I do this on Sunday mornings while watching the sun come up with my son.

  8. Lawrence H Potts

    Great fire starter! So, funny! And great other ideas. Can always trust WWGOA to have fun ideas!!!

  9. MARK

    I have a Walnut picture frame I made from a frame I scraped how do I get a picture of it to you. THANKS MARK COPELAND WWGOA MEMBER

  10. Gary Drown

    Why not do what I do and make wooden toys? I reach out to woodworkers for their scrap and make toys to donate to the local hospitals and to special education classes. I also donate the scrap to an art teacher so the kids can make sculptures. It is amazing what the kids come up with, from airplanes to animals to something resembling Picasso works.

  11. Sudheer Grover

    I would love to learn how to make all the beautiful items displayed on this and more.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Joe!

      You won’t have to sign up again. You can click on any one of the projects and it’ll take you to the video of your choice!

      Thank you!

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