Premium Retention Test – Cordless Tool Station – Week 5

Cordless Tool Station

Week 5: Install the drawer slides and drawers. Attach the drawer fronts. Casters.

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Each of these steps should be worked on prior to our live session so you can bring any questions you may have to our live stream.

STEP 1: Install the casters on the bottom of the case.

STEP 2: Install the drawer slides in the case and on the drawer boxes. Use spacers and stop blocks to ensure the hardware is correctly located.

STEP 3: Install the drawers in the case.

STEP 4: Drill holes for the drawer front screws in the front of the drawer box.

STEP 5: Make the drawer fronts.

STEP 6: Drill holes for the pulls in the drawer fronts.

STEP 7: Using spacers, stack all the drawer fronts and check alignment. Adjust the spacers as necessary.

STEP 8: Fasten the drawer fronts to the boxes using the pull holes.

STEP 9: Screw the drawer fronts to the boxes from the inside of the drawer.

STEP 10: Install the drawer pulls.

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