Premium Retention Test – Cordless Tool Station – Week 4

Cordless Tool Station

Week 4: Make the adjustable shelf and doors. Drill and install doors.

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Each of these steps should be worked on prior to our live session so you can bring any questions you may have to our live stream.

STEP 1: Make enough banding to cover the front edge of the shelf and all four edges of the two doors.

STEP 2: Cut the shelf to size and band the front edge.

STEP 3: Cut the doors to length and band the top and bottom. Carefully measure your cabinet and cut the doors accordingly for 1/2″ overlay and a 3/32” gap between the doors.

STEP 4: Cut the doors to width and band the edges.

STEP 5: Bore the cup hole for the hinges. If you’re not familiar with Euro hinges, it’s a good idea to cut a piece of scrap exactly the same size as your door and do test holes in that to make sure they’re correct. Start with a cup distance of 3 mm.

STEP 6: Install the hinges in the doors.

STEP 7: Install the doors on the cabinet.

STEP 8: Align the doors using the adjustments available on the hinges.

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  1. jaystackley

    Looking for last week class (week 5). Thinking I missed it somehow. Please tell me how to access. Thanks – Jay Stackley

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      Hello Gary,

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    If MDF won’t hold screws well, why can we expect screws in the sides of the cabinet to adequately hold drawers?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Michael,
      Screws seem to find enough holding power in MDF to support drawer slides for typical kitchen cabinets. I haven’t come across any problems with this.