Premium Retention Test – Cordless Tool Station – Week 2

Cordless Tool Station

Week 2: Build And Attach Face Frame. Build And Install The T-Hangers.

Overview Video



Each of these steps should be worked on prior to our live session so you can bring any questions you may have to our live stream.

STEP 1: Determine lengths of face frame rails and stiles. Make face frame slightly, 1/16”, oversized. Measure from your case.

STEP 2: Cut face frame parts to size.

STEP 3: Drill pocket holes in rails.

STEP 4: Assemble face frame.

STEP 5: Glue face frame to case.

STEP 6: Cut the T-hanger parts. Double check that your tools will fit in the available hanger space. Adjust the hanger sizes as necessary

STEP 7: Assemble the T-hangers.

STEP 8: Install the hangers.

STEP 9: Flush trim face frame.

Live Event Video

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