Bosch Sliding Miter Saw That Isn’t a Slider

Bosch Sliding Miter SawI love the capacity I get from a sliding miter saw. Where most miter saws cross cut to 6″ – 8″, a sliding saw can crosscut out to 12-1/2″ or so. Very useful in the shop. What I don’t like about sliding saws is their mongo footprint. You’ve got to have a lot of real estate behind the tool to allow the saw’s tubes room to travel.Bosch’s new Dual Bevel Glide Miter, $800, doesn’t have any tubes. It operates on a trunnion/knuckle system that folds open and closed as the saw travels from front to back. No room required behind the saw. Very nice. I operated this saw, briefly, at IWF 2010 and was amazed at how smooth the travel is.

With its 12″ blade the saw will cross cut up to 14″, and it has a vertical capacity of up to 6-1/2″ for crown molding. It’s bevel 48-degrees left and right, and miter 52-degrees left and 60-degrees right.

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This is a cool, space saving tool. Watch for an upcoming video product review of this new saw.

Bosch GCM12SD Miter Saw


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3 Responses to “Bosch Sliding Miter Saw That Isn’t a Slider”

  1. David Miller

    Definitely gets the clever award. However, it would be rather limited as a table saw without more table. But for a quick rip it might be worth it’s weight.

    • kmassing

      Table saw?? Rip??? This is a miter saw, I don’t want to be there when you try that ‘quick rip’.

  2. David Henderson

    The Bosch saw is very nice, but as usual, its price puts it beyond the reach of most hobbyists.