Bosch MR23EVS Router

Reviewing the Bosch MR23EVS Benchtop RouterThe new MR23EVS routers from Bosch have some great features. Which one do I like best? The trigger on the handle. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Here’s the deal. Multi-base routers offer a lot of versatility by providing one motor that fits into both a plunge and a fixed base. The problem with swapping the motor back and forth is that it means the on/off switch has to be on the motor, not on the base. For both convenience and safety I’d much rather have the switch on the base.Bosch has solved this problem. On their newest routers the electronics on the motor dock into a port in the base. This allows both the plunge base and fixed base to have trigger switches built into the base. Using the machine in a router table? Just lock the trigger in the on position.

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The MR23EVS routers offer the same easy-to-use depth adjustment I’ve come to love on other Bosch routers. The 2.3 hp (15 amp) motors run from 10,000 to 25,000 rpm. 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets are included, and an LED light sheds light into the bit area.

Bosch MR23EVS Router

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