Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit

Model PS50-2B

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Being the frugal woodworker I am, I had to ask myself if this Bosch Multi-X wasn’t one of those “Do I really need this” tools? To my surprise, I find it more useful than I imagined. It lives on my bench for quick access, and I use it to do many odd jobs that are much harder to do with other tools. I keep it equipped with the triangular sanding head and 180-grit sandpaper so I can use the tool to quickly remove pencil marks from workpieces. That alone doesn’t justify the cost of the tool, but that and the many other tasks it performs does.

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter KitInterchangeable Accessories There are many accessory tools available for the Multi-X, and changing tools is quick and easy. An Allen head bolt locks accessories to the accessory holder which has locating pins so accessories can be positioned at any of 12 locations at 30° intervals. Accessories include wood and metal saw blades, a triangular sanding pad and many different grits of sandpaper, a grout removal tool, and scrapers for removing paint and caulk. There’s also a dual-purpose adapter that allows you to mount the Bosch accessories at any angle relative to the tool, and to mount competitor attachments as well.

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Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter KitSmall Powerful Batteries This is a lightweight, variable speed, battery operated cordless tool. It uses the same lithium-ion battery as the rest of Bosch’s Litheon 12V Max tools. That’s nice because you only need to keep one battery charging, and it will work for all the tools. No bench top full of battery chargers! The batteries are small, they charge in 30 minutes, they’re powerful, and they hold a charge and run for a long time. The Multi-X also has a battery charge indicator that shows you how much “juice” remains. Now I know I’ve said this before: I’m impressed with these tools, and with how far cordless tool technology has come in the past 30 years.

How it Works The Multi-X is small so it’s easy to get it into tight spaces. It has a variable speed oscillating head that ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute (OPM). That’s fast! The side-to-side travel of the oscillation is short so it’s easy to control the tool since it doesn’t jump around when used. The variable speed feature shines when you’re sanding because the tool at 20,000 OPM is very aggressive. Slowing it down gives you much greater control. One thing to note: It sands faster than you might think, so use a fine grit sandpaper and the slowest speed to start, hold the tool flat and with light pressure, and move it over the surface quickly. It won’t take you long to get the “feel” of the tool.

Uses Here’s a short list of tasks the Multi-X can tackle:

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Finish sanding cabinet inside corners in preparation for applying finish.

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Sanding in tight corners when smoothing between coats of finish on frame and panel doors and cabinets.

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Flush cutting decorative plugs. See the Tip below about making a flush cutting blade.

Reviewing the Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter KitTipI made a dedicated flush cut saw by removing the saw tooth “set” on the bottom side of one of my wood cutting accessory saw blades. I turned the tool on and held the tool flat on a sharpening stone for a few seconds. That removed the tooth set on the bottom side of the saw blade so now the saw won’t scratch when it’s flush cutting.

Kieffer’s Opinion

Take it from me… This tool is great for sanding, cutting, and trimming. You’ll find many uses for it in your shop and home. It’s cordless, compact, and portable. It really shines when you need to reach in and cut something in a very tight space. In my shop I’ve use it to clean up the walls of mortises, trim tenon ends, flush cut screws and blots, and sand pretty much everything. And in my home I’ve used it to undercut door jams and casings, cut plumbing pipes between joists and studs, and remove grout and caulk from tile joints.

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Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Model #PS50-2B



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