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Ask WWGOA: Environmental Headgear

Question: In his recent woodturning CD George wore an environmental headgear which included a powered air filtration system (You can see it here). Could you let me know the maker of this unit and possibly sources for it? Submitted by Dennis Answer: I use the Trend Air Shield Pro. It’s available from a variety of…

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Ask WWGOA: Cleaning Dried Acrylic Paint

Question: I spray with acrylic paints and sometimes get buildup in spite of constant cleaning. Do you think soaking in mineral spirits will lift dried acrylic better than water? I’ve heard this is a good idea since mineral spirit molecules are smaller than H2O molecules. Submitted by bbbartolo Answer: I don’t think mineral spirits will…

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Ask WWGOA: Cutting MDF

Question: What should I use to cut MDF wood? Submitted by Richard W. Answer: This video provides some info on table saw blades. A triple chip blade is best for mdf and other abrasive materials, like particle board. George Do you have a question for WWGOA? Ask us on Facebook or email Note: questions…

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Ask WWGOA: Drying Cut Wood

Question: Simple question maybe. How is the best way to dry wood cut from trees? I have several around the farm here, ranging from Pecan to Oak. During fall we trim them up and think they would be a cheap supply. I have heard several ways using a coat of latex over the cut ends…

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Ask WWGOA: Turning Tool Recommendations

Question: I’m new to turning. I bought a Jet 12-20 lathe. I have one full length Easy Wood Rougher. I need to buy more turning tools. Since I’m new and want to learn to do “coves” and “beads” would you recommend continuing with the Easy Wood System or going to the standard gouges, skews etc.?…

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Ask WWGOA: Removing Rust from Cast Iron

Question: How do you remove rust from a cast iron surface? Submitted by William M. Answer: I wet sand the surface using WD 40, JB 80 or other rust remover as a lubricant and 400-grit wet/dry sandpaper wrapped on a block of wood as an abrasive. If there’s LOTS of rust and the removal is…

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Ask WWGOA: Lathe Sharpening

Question: I have loved your lathe videos so much that I have just bought my first lathe. I am getting it set up and know that I need a sharpening system. I am trying to decide between a 8″ grinder, Tormek system (expensive!) or the Work Sharp 3000 you demoed in the video I just…

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Ask WWGOA: George’s Solid Wood Storage

Question: George, I have the same system throughout my workshop, garage, and Shed, (from the George’s Solid Wood Storage video) but I put 3/4 ply down for more consistent support. Do you think the ply was a good or bad idea? Submitted by Tim K. Answer: No, no problem adding a plywood deck. In fact…

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Ask WWGOA: Brad Nailer for Light Work

Question: What brand/size/gauge brad nailer would you suggest for light work like that you frequently do in your videos? Submitted by Ross W. Answer: 18-guage and 23-gauge nailers will serve you very well. Remember that with gauges the higher the number the smaller the item, so 23-gauge is smaller than 18-gauge. The benefit to 23-gauge…

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