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How do I go about getting square material without a jointer or a thickness planer? I have a table saw, circular saw, and various cordless tools. Thanks in advance for any help.

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This is a great skill to have in your bag of tricks, as it will come into play on nearly every project. Here’s a video that walks through the process: Post Haste Project: How to Square a Board. It’s tough to do this without a jointer and planer. The key is to establish one square face on a jointer first, then use that face as a reference for each of the next steps where you will square up the remaining sides. Then you will simply cut the ends square on a miter saw, or if you don’t want to add one of those, you could easily do this on a table saw.

Without investing in a jointer or planer, you will have to start by choosing lumber that is at least flat to begin with. Then you can use a table saw and a sled as described in this article to establish a straight line on one edge, then flip that over and rip as normal on the table saw to square up the other edge and make it parallel to the first.

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Post Haste Project: How to Square a Board
Jointing on the Table Saw

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