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I have loved your lathe videos so much that I have just bought my first lathe. I am getting it set up and know that I need a sharpening system. I am trying to decide between a 8″ grinder, Tormek system (expensive!) or the Work Sharp 3000 you demoed in the video I just watched.

I have been told that tools for the lathe must be sharpened on a tool (such as a grinder or Tormek) that will hollow grind them. You demonstrated the Work Sharp with what looks like a flat grinding surface. Have you used any tools on the lathe after sharpening them on a Work Sharp and is this safe/effective?

Submitted by Carl C.


Yes, there’s a benefit to hollow ground lathe chisels, but if you can’t do that it’s not a deal breaker. You can hone the chisels with a whetstone or other flat surface, like a Work Sharp, and get a great edge for lathe turning.

As a best-of-both-worlds alternative you can get inexpensive grinder to do the hollow grinding (and it’ll also sharpen your lawn mower blades and other stuff) and then use something like the Work Sharp for honing. Once the hollow grind is produced you won’t have to take the chisels back to the grinder too often, you’ll primarily just hone them.


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One Response to “Ask WWGOA: Lathe Sharpening”
  1. Barry

    Just saw your sharpening video and loved the guides for the Worksharp 3000 but when I went to their website couldn’t find anything but the guide bar. None of the other guides were available. Where would they be and for a whole kit what would be the approximate cost for us in Canada? I know you might not know the cost part of the question but maybe where I could find the answer. Thanks