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I am working on a project and need to make an angled cut, but do not have a bandsaw to make the 70 degree point. I am thinking I can use my table saw with the blade tilted. Or, with it on its tall side and use the miter gauge. Any guidance or pointers?

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You could do this pretty quickly and very safely with a hand plane. Ideally use a low angle plane to minimize the tear out, but any hand plane would do ok with this. You could also set it vertically on a table saw to make a cut, making the cut while the board is still long. You will need to use a jig to hold the work piece securely through the cut. Also, the angle is not critical. You could simply lay the board flat and cut it to a 45 degree angle as well. The only purpose for the angle is to help make it easier to get the burn-in started, so a 45 degree angle would do fine but just take slightly longer to get started. Not a big deal, however.

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  1. Robert

    I saw a couple 1” slabs of cottonwood at my local Restore the other day. I’ve never seen this type of wood in my catalogs nor have I heard about it on woodworking shows on YouTube. What qualities does this wood have and why haven’t I seen this wood in shows, magazines and websites?

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    • Customer Service

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      It is a soft wood with no interesting grain an little color variation. It isn’t popular among most woodworkers. Most of it gets turned into boxes and crates.


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  2. modelman

    I have asked you before with no reply. Hope this request will bear fruit. I see on other shows where the
    wood turner mixes some epoxy, with color then adds more with a different color. What epoxy do you use and where do you buy the color and hardner then pour the contents into holes near the edge of a round cylinder prior to turning a bowl?