Ask WWGOA: Brad Nailer for Light Work

What brand/size/gauge brad nailer would you suggest for light work like that you frequently do in your videos?

Submitted by Ross W.


18-guage and 23-gauge nailers will serve you very well. Remember that with gauges the higher the number the smaller the item, so 23-gauge is smaller than 18-gauge. The benefit to 23-gauge is that they’re so small they’re headless, and nearly invisible once they’re in. But, and 18-gauge will have a little more bite pulling parts together. As a rule I use the 23-gauge for jobs like installing trim, and the 18-gauge for larger assemblies like cabinet carcases.

In this clip you can see how I use a 23-gauge pinner: Trimming a Cabinet


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      Hi, Alvah. A 40 tooth combination blade is a good general purpose choice. Good at ripping, and good at cross-cutting. My favorite blade in this category is a Forrest WWII.