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In these original woodworking classes, master craftsman George Vondriska guides you through the step-by-step processes for field-tested techniques that are perfect for your next home project. You can follow along as George demonstrates the whole procedure and then read a little bit more about each step, including recommendations or dimensions that you may have missed. Join today to gain access to this premium content.

  • Photography Tips for Shooting Your Woodworking Projects 1:21

    How to Photograph Projects: Introduction

    Professional photographer Layne Kennedy joined us in the shop to provide advice on taking great pics of your woodworking projects. Working with inexpensive home center lights, a smart phone,... Read more

  • Table Saw Set-up - Cabinet Saw 14:13

    Table Saw Setup – Cabinet Saw

    The table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops. Is your table saw setup correctly? If not, it could be inaccurate, provide poor cut quality and, most importantly,... Read more

  • Dadoes on the Table Saw 8:36

    Dadoes on the Table Saw

    Dadoes are used everywhere; from case construction to drawer boxes. Learning to set up and use a dado head will go a long way toward expanding your joinery techniques.... Read more

  • Easy-to-Make Wooden Picture Frame 11:55

    Easy-to-Make Wooden Picture Frame

    Wooden picture frames make great gifts and you can easily make a picture frame following the steps in this class. Here’s an approach to making wooden picture frames that... Read more

  • Set Up Your Compound Mitre Saw 8:02

    How to Set Up a Compound Miter Saw

    The compound miter saw is a very versatile and handy tool, but they’re only as good as the cuts they’re making. In this class you’ll learn some great tricks... Read more

  • Making Cope and Stile Doors step 2 13:18

    How to Make Cabinet Doors – Cope and Stile Doors

    A common approach for how to make cabinet doors is to use a matched pair of bits on the router table. In this class you’ll learn the process step... Read more

  • Making a Bandsaw Box 13:42

    How to Make a Bandsaw Box

    Learn how to make a bandsaw box. Band saw boxes make great gifts, and provide an excellent use for small, attractive chunks of wood. They’re pretty easy to make,... Read more

  • How to Rout an Inlay 15:03

    How to Inlay Wood with a Router

    You’ll be amazed how simple it is to add an inlay to a woodworking project using an easy-to-make template and an inexpensive router bit/guide bushing combo. To learn how... Read more

  • Applying Trim to a Cabinet 4:07

    Applying Cabinet Trim

    Mark, don’t measure, in order to produce parts that are the perfect size. Starting with a side piece, lay the molding against the cabinet and draw a line on... Read more

  • Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets 15:43

    Set Up and Cut Dadoes and Rabbets

    Get step by step video instruction on how to set up and cut dadoes and rabbets. A rabbet is an L-shaped relief, cut at the end of the case... Read more

  • Laying Out a Round Table 18:37

    How to Make a Round Table

    The geometry on square or rectangular woodworking projects is pretty easy to figure out. But when it comes to round projects, like round tables, it’s a little more difficult.... Read more

  • Cutting Lock Miter Joints 14:50

    Cutting a Lock Miter Joint

    Many woodworkers struggle making a lock miter joint, but it’s definitely a joint that’s worth learning. It provides lots of mechanical strength and glue surface area, and leaves a... Read more

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