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  • Lathe Safety: Face Shield vs Respirator 3:55

    Lathe Safety: Face Shield vs Respirator

    Ready to do some turning? Keep lathe safety in mind. You’ve got to wear a face shield to protect your face and eyes. When you get to the sanding... Read more

  • Wood Lathe: Protect Your Lathe Tool Rest 2:13

    Wood Lathe: Protect Your Lathe Tool Rest

    If your lathe chisels, especially skews, have sharp corners on them, they’re probably digging into the lathe tool rest every time you use them. That makes for a lot... Read more

  • Lathe Maintenance - Straightening a Lathe Tool Rest 3:30

    Straightening a Lathe Tool Rest

    Wood lathes don’t require too much maintenance, but to keep your cuts going smoothly you should give the tool rest some TLC every once in a while. It’s easy... Read more

  • Chemically Stabilizing Green Wood 3:35

    Chemically Stabilizing Green Wood

    There are advantages to working with green wood, but its tendency to crack as it dries is a definite down side. One solution for this is chemically treating the... Read more

  • Drying Wood in a Microwave - Woodworking Video 4:47

    Drying Wood in a Microwave

    If you don’t have the patience to wait for your green wood bowl blanks to air dry, you can quickly dry them in a microwave. It takes some experimentation... Read more

  • Time for Green Wood Turning - Woodworking Video 3:20

    Time for Green Wood Turning

    There are some distinct advantages to turning green wood instead of dry wood, especially for bowls. Although working with green wood can make the cutting process easier, there are... Read more

  • How to Use a Lathe in Reverse 3:41

    Utilizing Reverse on a Lathe

    A reverse switch on a lathe allows for easier bowl work and better sanding on both bowls and spindles. This video makes it easy to understand just how beneficial... Read more

  • Overhang on a Cabinet Face Frame 2:46

    Scribe on a Face Frame

    If two face frame cabinets will be installed side by side or, if the end of the cabinet will be against a wall, it’s important that you leave an... Read more

  • Using Contact Adhesive 6:15

    Using Contact Adhesive

    Contact adhesive is the preferred adhesive for adhering plastic laminate to a substrate. But the way contact adhesive is used is different from most other adhesives. If you don’t... Read more

  • How to Flush Trim an Overhang 3:39

    Flush Trim an Overhang

    Instead of cutting mating parts to exact it’s often easier to cut one slightly oversize, and then flush trim the second piece to the first. And who doesn’t prefer... Read more

  • How to Make a Straight Edge for your Woodworking Shop 20:30

    Shop-Made Straight Edge

    A straight edge is an invaluable tool in your woodworking shop. Unfortunately, buying a quality straight edge can be very expensive. Here’s how to avoid that expense by building... Read more

  • How to Finish the Ends of a Melamine Cabinet 4:17

    Finished Ends on Melamine Cabinets

    There are a lot of benefits to using melamine for cabinet cases. One downside with building melamine cabinets is that you end up with an unfinished melamine face on... Read more

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