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  • How To Use a Spokeshave and Spokeshave Setup 6:01

    Setting Up & Using a Spokeshave

    A spokeshave can be a versatile tool to use on your woodworking projects, but only if it’s correctly set up. Bevel up or down? Blade parallel or skewed? How... Read more

  • Resawing Wood Using a Bandsaw Resaw Fence 4:10

    Resawing Wood Using a Bandsaw Resaw Fence

    Turning a miter gauge into a bandsaw resaw fence is a great idea. But only if you know how to set the fence up for drift compensation. It’s a... Read more

  • Using a Drill Press for Your Bandsaw Outfeed Table 1:07

    Using a Drill Press for Your Bandsaw Outfeed Table

    The problem with providing outfeed support for a bandsaw is that the table is so darn high. Most standard roller stands and supports won’t extend enough to get to... Read more

  • "Make Your Own Bandsaw Fence 3:32

    Miter Gauge Bandsaw Fence

    Here’s a great solution if you’ve been struggling with a resaw fence for your bandsaw. The solution for this problem is probably already in your shop and in this... Read more

  • Make Your Own Table Top Fasteners 8:23

    Shop-Made Table Top Fasteners

    When you’ve hand-crafted a beautiful piece of furniture, bringing it all together with commercial fasteners may rub you the wrong way. Instead, try these easy-to-make table top fasteners. With... Read more

  • How to Use Table Top Fasteners Properly 4:06

    Properly Using Table Top Fasteners

    Commercially made table top fasteners, what some woodworkers call Z-clips, work great for allowing seasonal movement in solid wood tops. If you don’t allow that movement, you could end... Read more

  • Tips for Making Furniture - Using Table Top Fasteners 4:09

    Using Figure 8 Table Top Fasteners

    Figure 8 fasteners provide a great way to attach solid wood tops to furniture bases. This is a method that’ll help ensure the solid wood tops you’re putting on... Read more

  • How to Make Tapered Furniture Legs On a Band Saw 4:52

    Tapering Furniture Legs on a Band Saw

    Here’s a simple way to produce tapers for furniture legs. No specialized jigs required. Just a band saw equipped with the right blade, and you’re good to go. Check... Read more

  • How to Make a Tapered Leg - Two Sided 2:48

    Laying Out a Two-Sided Tapered Leg

    When laying out two-sided tapers for furniture there are some design rules to follow to make sure the legs look nice. This videos provides what you need to know... Read more

  • Making Your Own Sawhorse Desk - Woodworking Project 1:09:11

    Making Your Own Sawhorse Desk – Woodworking Project

    You probably already have sawhorses in the shop. How about adding them to your house? They make a very cool base for a desk. The joinery is elegantly simple.... Read more

  • Photography Tips for Shooting Your Woodworking Projects 1:21

    How to Photograph Projects: Introduction

    Professional photographer Layne Kennedy joined us in the shop to provide advice on taking great pics of your woodworking projects. Working with inexpensive home center lights, a smart phone,... Read more

  • Choosing the Best Camera for Photographing Woodworking Projects 3:46

    How to Photograph Projects: Choosing the Best Camera

    In order to photograph your work, you’ll need a camera. Should you spend $100 on a camera? $500? Or can you shoot acceptable pics on your smart phone? We... Read more

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