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Improve your woodworking skills and become a better woodworker with a variety of woodworking projects that are perfect for a weekend in your woodshop. Watch expert videos and get inspired with unique woodworking project ideas for your home. From a mud room locker to end grain cutting boards, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make projects for your home. Most projects come with a detailed plan and cut list that can be easily downloaded and new projects are added each month, so you’ll never run out of ideas!

  • Occasional Table 49:12

    Occasional Table

    In this woodworking project video, George Vondriska guides you step-by-step on how to make a beautiful occasional table. George teaches some helpful tips and tricks on how to easily... Read more

  • Standing Planter Box 42:49

    Standing Planter Box

    Do you have a garden or enjoy displaying beautiful flowers? A standing planter box is the next woodworking project for you. George Vondriska introduces a fun and unique woodworking... Read more

  • Craftsman Side Table 22:10

    Craftsman Side Table

    Spike Carlsen teaches you how to build a craftsman side table in your workshop. He walks you through the step-by-step instructions, demonstrating all of the essential woodworking tips and... Read more

  • Coat Tree 37:08

    Coat Tree

    In this month’s woodworking project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you the step-by-step process for building a coat tree that will look great in your home or workshop. He demonstrates... Read more

  • Handmade Knives 53:04

    Handmade Knives

    In this month’s project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you the essential woodworking tips and techniques you’ll need to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind handles for commercially crafted blades, including bandsaw cutting,... Read more

  • Kitchen Tongs Woodworking Project 19:41

    Kitchen Tongs – Simple Woodworking Projects

    Add kitchen tongs to your list of simple woodworking projects. George Vondriska walks you step-by-step through the planning and building process for making a pair of kitchen tongs that... Read more

  • Fishing Rod Rack Plans 41:03

    Fishing Rod Rack Plans

    Learn step-by-step how to make a fishing rod rack that will last for years with this exclusive WWGOA wood projects for beginners video. George Vondriska describes in detail how... Read more

  • Mail and Key Organizer 17:23

    Mail and Key Organizer

    Remove the clutter from your kitchen counter with this easy-to-make mail and key organizer that has space for envelopes, keys, phones and other small accessories. In this week’s project... Read more

  • Woodworking Projects: Table Top Foosball 32:25

    Table Top Foosball

    Foosball is the perfect time killing game; it’s easy to learn, quick to set up and endless fun for the whole family. In this month’s project demonstration complete with... Read more

  • Woodworking projects: Mud Room Locker 48:35

    Mud Room Locker

    Who doesn’t need more storage in their house for items you want out of site when you’re not using them. George Vondriska walks you through building a beautiful mud... Read more

Page 1 of 3123