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Mortise and Tenon Jig Review

Leigh Super FMT Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig Tool Review

Accuracy and Repeatability The Leigh FMT Mortise and Tenon Jig is super fast at milling mortise and tenon joints. A little sibling to the industrially machined aluminum Leigh Pro FMT, this less expensive model is made out of 10 and 12 gauge bent and bolted steel. Arriving standard with the jig is a 5/16” spiral… Read more

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What’s the Deal with Wobble Heads?

I find that I’m asked pretty frequently about wobble (adjustable) dado heads. You can’t blame folks for asking. A wobble head is a lot less expensive than a stackable head. So why don’t woodworkers use them much? About the Blade A wobble head consists of one blade mounted on a hub. Dialing the hub allows… Read more

This is an image of a rockler cord and hose holder

Rockler Cord and Hose Holder

I love having dust collection connected to my portable power tools, but I hate tangling with the cords and hoses. Rockler’s new Cord and Hose Holder, $29.99, helps solve this problem. The Cord and Hose Holder is adjustable in height and rises to a maximum height of 40” above the bench. It’ll clamp to benches… Read more

This is an image of someone scrapping wood

Tools We Love: A “Real” Burnisher Makes All the Difference

I tried my hand at using a cabinet scraper a couple years ago and was frustrated that in spite of my best efforts to roll a proper burr on its edge, I just couldn’t tune the scraper to produce more than dust and the occasional wimpy shaving. I followed all the instructions, and did everything… Read more

This is an image of grizzly jointer bigger than a man

Grizzly 8″ Jointer Model 490X Review: One Year Later

Tool reviews are great as they help us make purchasing decisions, but what is normally missing is a retrospective view. Sure, it looked great in the initial evaluation, but how did it hold up in production, and how well did it meet the owner’s initial expectations over time? In that light, I wanted to provide… Read more


Tools We Love: Dremel Multi-Max

I saw this tool demonstrated at a home center last year and bought it on the spot. I have to say the honeymoon is still going between me and this tool because I keep finding new tasks for it. I originally bought it to cut baseboard in place so I could butt built-in bookcases against… Read more

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 sander image

New Low Vibration, High Quality Random Orbital Sander from Bosch

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 Review In spite of the fact that I use a ROS quite a bit, and have had a love/hate relationship with this tool category. I enjoy the benefits of fast, swirl free sanding, but the gyroscope effect from most of the units that I have used leaves me feeling beat up after a… Read more

Hock Carving Knife image

Hock 1″ Carving Knife

While I don’t consider myself a “real carver”, I find myself applying details on a regular basis that are too fine for power tools. In these situations, I have generally reached for a utility blade, pocket knife, chisel, or whatever other sharp object is within my reach, to attempt the task. Every time I have… Read more

This is an image of a hybrid table saw

New Table Saw From General

Here’s the deal. Contractor saws offer mobility and are typically plug and play, meaning you can plug them into a 110-volt outlet and you’re good to go. Cabinet saws generally have better dust collection, are heavier and harder to move than contractor saws, and usually require a 220-volt circuit. A while back the tool engineers… Read more

This is an image of a bosch miter saw

Bosch Slider That Isn’t A Slider

I love the capacity I get from a sliding miter saw. Where most miter saws cross cut to 6″ – 8″, a sliding saw can crosscut out to 12-1/2″ or so. Very useful in the shop. What I don’t like about sliding saws is their mongo footprint. You’ve got to have a lot of real… Read more

Porter Cable Pin Nailer & Pancake Compressor Combo product image

Porter Cable Pin Nailer & Pancake Compressor Combo

I blame it on Norm. Ever since I saw him “shoot a couple brads to hold things together until the glue dries” some 15 years ago, I have been fascinated with pneumatic nail guns. I feel almost superhuman as I drive 2+ inch nails into rock maple in a split second, perfectly countersunk, and without… Read more

This is an image of a table saw blade

3 Great Table Saw Blades

One of the coolest table saws I ever saw was an old Oliver (and I mean old). Turning a crank on the front of the machine rotated one blade out of the way under the table and brought another one up. What an easy way to change blades… no wrench required. For the rest of… Read more

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