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Bosch PR011 Plunge Base for the Bosch Colt

Here’s a new addition for the popular Bosch Colt trim router; a plunge base, $99.00. The base offers a very fine depth of cut adjustment system, a clear sub-base, and a 7-position depth stop, two of which are adjustable. This base is a great addition to a very nice router. In addition to being sold… Read more

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 sander image

New Low Vibration, High Quality Random Orbital Sander from Bosch

Bosch ROS65VCL-6 Review In spite of the fact that I use a ROS quite a bit, and have had a love/hate relationship with this tool category. I enjoy the benefits of fast, swirl free sanding, but the gyroscope effect from most of the units that I have used leaves me feeling beat up after a… Read more

Image of five different sanders

Sander Reviews: My Five Favorite Sanders

I used to loath finish sanding because it was slow, super dusty, and just down right boring. These days I embrace the process, and rather enjoy the steps involved in creating a smooth surface, but I still find the work boring! The reason for this dramatic attitude change is due to technical advances in today’s… Read more

This is an image of a bosch miter saw

Bosch Slider That Isn’t A Slider

I love the capacity I get from a sliding miter saw. Where most miter saws cross cut to 6″ – 8″, a sliding saw can crosscut out to 12-1/2″ or so. Very useful in the shop. What I don’t like about sliding saws is their mongo footprint. You’ve got to have a lot of real… Read more

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Bosch MR23EVS Router

The new MR23EVS routers from Bosch have some great features. Which one do I like best? The trigger on the handle. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Here’s the deal. Multi-base routers offer a lot of versatility by providing one motor that fits into both a plunge and a fixed base. The problem with swapping the motor… Read more

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Bosch Power Box PB360S Jobsite Radio

No matter what your favorite type of music is, music and workin’ just plain go together. The jobsite radio may be the biggest improvement since transistors. Big sound, able to play lots of different types of media, and relatively dust and weather proof. Have a look at Bosch’s newest addition to this category.

This is an image of a bosch pocket driver

Bosch PS 21 Pocket Driver

I really like the cordless, compact drivers, and they just keep getting better and better. Bosch has reworked their PS20 Pocket Driver, resulting in the new PS21, $145. Just in case compact wasn’t good enough for you, Bosch has made the PS21 even compacter (is that a word?). The overall length of the head is… Read more

Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit Review

Bosch 12v Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit

Model PS50-2B Being the frugal woodworker I am, I had to ask myself if this Bosch Multi-X wasn’t one of those “Do I really need this” tools? To my surprise, I find it more useful than I imagined. It lives on my bench for quick access, and I use it to do many odd jobs… Read more

This is an image of a Bosch drill driver

Bosch 14.4V Litheon Compact Tough Drill Driver

  Model 36614-02 I recently purchased one of Bosch Tool’s new 14.4-volt Litheon Drill Drivers, and I must say, it’s a fine tool. Cordless drill/drivers have really come a long way during my 30-plus year career. This drill beats the living daylights out of any vintage cordless drill/driver. It sells for around $180. For that… Read more


Never Again Lose Router Wrenches

Even with dust collection on my router table, it seemed I always had the same problem. I’d open the doors on the cabinet below the table and find a mountain of sawdust. The biggest problem was that somewhere below that sawdust were my router wrenches, collet, and other tools I needed for the router table…. Read more

This is an image of a bosch multi x battery tool

Bosch Multi-X Battery Operated Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a pretty handy thing to have. Like the name implies, it’s capable of handling lots of different jobs. Cutting, sanding, scraping, these tools can do a lot of work for you. They’re already convenient, and Bosch has made them even more convenient by going cordless. Their new Multi-X Cutting Kit, $185, runs… Read more