Feather Guard Router Table Guard

Using the Feather Guard Router Table GuardThe new Feather Guard from Sommerfeld Tools, $24.50, is a two-for-one deal. It serves as both a feather board and a bit guard. It works great for jobs like raised panels, affectively covering even massive horizontal panel raisers. And instead of setting my table up with two feather boards, one on the infeed side and one on the outfeed side, I could do it all in one set up.


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Using the Feather Guard Router GuardThe unique feather design provides plenty of down pressure. In order to mount the Featherboard on my router table, which uses 1/4-20 bolts in its T-track, I had to rob a couple bolts from another jig. The fasteners that came with the Featherguard didn’t work.

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