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Reviewing the Using the CMT Enlock JigThe CMT Enlock System, $229, creates fast, simple rock solid joinery for a multitude of woodworking projects. At the heart of the jig, there is a CMT pattern style dovetail bit. The bearing on the dovetail bit rides in and out of the dovetail socket guide on the Enlock table and it cuts perfect dovetail sockets every time. These sockets are ready to receive the dovetail keys.

There are two sizes of dovetail keys (3/8″ and 1/2″) which require two sizes of CMT dovetail pattern bits. The keys consist of two components. They are the cap that contains wedge-like prongs and the base that accepts the cap. When the cap prongs are driven into the base, the base expands and secures and locks inside the dovetail socket. According to CMT, the Enlock System is ideal for joining T joints, corner joints, miter joints and it is perfect for clamp free edge-to-edge joinery. The CMT Enlock System comes equipped with the Enlock Jig, one (1) 3/8″ top bearing dovetail bit (Item #818.098.11B), a starter bag of fifty (50) 3/8″ dovetail keys (Item #ENLOCK-10), fence extension clamp, detailed instruction booklet, instructional DVD and a sturdy carrying case.

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