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Shop Accident Statistics & Woodworking Safety

We all know that shop safety is important. Despite everyone’s efforts to be safe there will be a projected 61,380 shop accidents each year. Check out the stats to see how various tool stack up in shop accident numbers.

Photo by: Day1dan (own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

5 Strategies for Choosing Reclaimed Wood

Hey, wood doesn’t just grow on trees! It also gets reclaimed from old buildings, bridges… anything built from wood. Here are some tips that’ll help when you’re ready to try reclaimed wood in your shop.

Cut Brass Rod

Invisible Shelf Pins

Adjustable shelf pins add versatility to any cabinet. Here’s a way to make the pins invisible, and use them to lock the shelves into the case.

6 Tips for Cleaning Up Glue Squeeze-Out

6 Tips for Cleaning Up Glue Squeeze-Out

Whenever you clamp a woodworking project together, some glue is bound to squeeze out between the pieces. Tom Caspar shows you six ways to minimize the mess.

Establishing Cup Distance

Establishing Cup Distance for Euro Hinges

European hinges require a BIG hole in the door. Once the hole is drilled, there’s no going back. Take the fear out of getting the cup distance for Euro hinges right with this simple trick.

Jointing on a table saw

Jointing on the Table Saw

There are plenty of times when you need your boards to have a smooth, straight edge. No jointer? No sweat. With the help of a simple shop-made jig you can be jointing on the table saw. Even if you own a jointer, jointing on the tables saw is a handy technique to know about. If… Read more


Upholster A Wrapped Seat Cushion

A customer came into my shop the other day and asked me to replace their uncomfortable and broken fiberglass kitchen stool seats. They wanted to reuse the adjustable chrome bases, but change the seats so they were cushioned and upholstered. I said sure, no problem, and I suggested a simple wrapped padded cushion. The techniques… Read more

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Hearing Protection for the Woodshop

Why Hearing Protection is Important My first job out of college was framing houses. The contractor I worked for was ‘old school.’ Protective gear like gloves, earplugs or safety glasses were generally viewed as signs of weakness. For a long time I tried to be a tough guy. After an afternoon of air-nailing fire blocking… Read more

Pattern Cutting on Table Saw - Overview

Pattern Cutting on a Table Saw

Pattern cutting on a table saw is an easy and fast way to produce lots of identical parts. I’ve used this technique to make parts for everything from bird houses to Adirondack chairs. Get started by making the fence. Make the pattern fence using a vertical piece that is 1-3/4” wide and a horizontal piece… Read more

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One Great Tip: Rare Earth Magnet Chisel Rack

Problem. I have a real mess in my chisel storage drawer. Good chisels bounce around far too much, and I have to protect every chisel edge otherwise they get banged and dinged. Idea. Will a pair of rare earth magnets hold a chisel rack? Will the setup work for all the different size of chisels… Read more


George’s Three Favorite Woodworking Jigs for Cabinetmaking

I’m always looking for ways to streamline my woodworking. Thrifty (read cheap) woodworker that I am my preference is to problem solve with shop-made woodworking jigs rather than commercially produced jigs. Here are my three favorite shop-made woodworking jigs for cabinetmaking: Dado Sizer For years I used the T and E method (Trial and Error)… Read more

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What’s the Deal with Wobble Heads?

I find that I’m asked pretty frequently about wobble (adjustable) dado heads. You can’t blame folks for asking. A wobble head is a lot less expensive than a stackable head. So why don’t woodworkers use them much? About the Blade A wobble head consists of one blade mounted on a hub. Dialing the hub allows… Read more

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