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WWGOA Live Recap for March 19, 2015

We ran our first WWGOA Live session, in which folks could ask questions that I answered live. Did you miss it? No problem. We’ve archived the entire hour, and you can watch it at your leisure.


Table Saw Safety: Guards & Splitters

Table saw safety is critical for every woodworker. Bruce Kieffer’s table saw safety article explores options for aftermarket and shop-made table saw guards and splitters. Be safe and saw often!

woodworking shop

Shop Accident Statistics & Woodworking Safety

We all know that shop safety is important. Despite everyone’s efforts to be safe there will be a projected 61,380 shop accidents each year. Check out the stats to see how various tool stack up in shop accident numbers.

arts and crafts table

A Super Simple Table

If you’re looking for a cool last minute gift, or just a great project, this table is for you. Incredibly, it can be made it about one hour!

sanding blocks - glamour shot

Premium Sanding Blocks Make Short Work of Surface Prep

This article explores two products that improve both the quality and performance of hand sanding: The Preppin’ Weapon by Time Saver Tools and the SandDevil by SandDevil USA. Do they take the drudgery out of hand sanding?

glue assembly time test - opening pic - Copy

Measuring Wood Glue Assembly Time

How much time do you have from the moment you apply glue until the time when the glue cures to the point where you cannot or should not make further adjustments? Paul Mayer measures the range of assembly times on a number of woodworking glue products. You might be surprised by the results…

Photo by: Day1dan (own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

5 Strategies for Choosing Reclaimed Wood

Hey, wood doesn’t just grow on trees! It also gets reclaimed from old buildings, bridges… anything built from wood. Here are some tips that’ll help when you’re ready to try reclaimed wood in your shop.

domino kit 3 (Medium)

Why I (Finally) Bought a Festool Domino

WWGOA Contributing Editor Paul Mayer builds a lot of furniture using mortise and tenon joinery, and recently invested in a Festool Domino joiner. Paul explains why he refrained for so many years, and what finally compelled him to take the plunge.

Cut Brass Rod

Invisible Shelf Pins

Adjustable shelf pins add versatility to any cabinet. Here’s a way to make the pins invisible, and use them to lock the shelves into the case.

6 Tips for Cleaning Up Glue Squeeze-Out

6 Tips for Cleaning Up Glue Squeeze-Out

Whenever you clamp a woodworking project together, some glue is bound to squeeze out between the pieces. Tom Caspar shows you six ways to minimize the mess.

how to make a bottle opener

Make A Bottle Opener that Pops

Does your bottle opener lack pizzazz? This clever opener features contrasting strips of woods, a curvaceous shape, and uses a coin as the bottle opening mechanism. As an added bonus, an embedded magnet catches the cap after removing it from the bottle.

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